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The story started with myself and my cousin Nicky Beans. We grew up being into cars with strong influence from both our fathers. Once we were both able to drive we found ourselves in Hondas and soon after were head over heels for them. More times than not you could find us detailing, wrenching, or just plain admiring the beautiful simpicity of our black hatchbacks.Fast forward to summer 2006 – we had been thinking hard about starting a car club and were searching high and low to find a good name that would suit our ideas and style while still being original. Every time we thought we had something we realized it was a play on an existing company or crew, until one unassuming night. It was hot and humid, both Civics nosed into the 2 car garage with a fresh shine on the paint. While Beans and I sat and examined how similar both cars were, from the front fenders to the side moldings and window shapes we also commented how at the same time they displayed two completely different personalities.

We tried to find a way to explain the phenomenon and the answer was just 2 simple words – It was just So…..Honda.

-Evan, Co-founder



Evan Consolazio

2002 Honda Civic Si (EP3)


Michael Knapp

2001 Honda S2000 (AP1)

Beans Profile

Nicholas “Beans” Ustin

1998 Honda Civic DX (EJ6)


Connor Donohue

1991 Honda Civic CRX (HF)

Riley Gannon

1996 Honda Civic DX (EJ6)


Dan Gonzales

1996 Honda Integra Type-R (DC2)


Lauren Knapp

2011 Acura TSX Wagon

Theresa Profile

Theresa Condict

2002 Acura RSX Type-S (DC5)


Claudio Felliphe Dias

1992 Honda Civic Si (EH3)

James Cardenas

James Cardenas

2007 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Seamus Erskine

 1996 Honda Integra Type-R (DC2)


SHG Motorworks

SHG Motorworks