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It was the day that I arrived in the US back in 2000 when I first saw an EG. There it was on struggling to get up the hill on Trial Mountain in Gran Turismo. Little did I know then that one day I would end up falling in love with the chassis. Fast forward to 2004 and I decided to read about VTEC engines after seeing them battle so many times on the Best Motoring clips that I would download over the 56k dial up connection. Watching drag racing videos of Civic hatches beating Vipers and Corvettes really got my attention. Shortly after, I signed up on Honda-Tech and started researching more about them. I went through endless threads trying to find pictures of them and at the same time learning how to work on cars by reading.

At this point I was all about the EG and the thought of owning a mint Civic Si during high school while everyone else drove Oldmobiles and Buicks was the motivation behind it all. I got my first job at 16 as a restaurant host and knew that every shift meant that I was a step closer. Less than a year later I had 5k saved up and even though I didn’t have my license or a permit, I still kept checking Craigslist every day looking for an EG in good condition. I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the Si but it didn’t have be be immaculate. However living an apartment complex without a parking spot or a license pretty much made it impossible to buy one.

Finally in 2007 before heading to work I decided to check Craigslist which is something that I had been avoiding since I didn’t want to become attached to a car I couldn’t buy. There was nothing but 1 Si that had a tiny picture in the ad. The price was alright and I decided to give the seller a call for kicks. Surprisingly he still had it even though it had been posted for 2 weeks. I asked him if he would let me drive it back with his plates if I drove all the way out there and he said that we could make a deal. That same week I went there and saw the car upclose. It had 221,000 miles and didn’t look too bad. The body had a few minor dings and it only had a little bit of 1/4 rust which was something I had accepted there would be when looking for an EG. I knew that everything bad about it were things that could be easily changed and reverted back to stock. Next thing I know I’m driving it back home on the highway having never driven stick longer than the 10 miles I had practiced in my sister’s car over past years. All those hours on Gran Turismo and various other driving simulators had paid off! It was one of the best feelings ever knowing that I had finally done it. I then put it in storage where it stayed for months until I had it taken to my house in 2008. Fast forward 3 years and this is the progress I’ve made thus far. My plans are endless and I hope to keep it for the rest of my life. I hope to build a well rounded car that can handle just as good as it looks and be true to its roots.

Being invited to be a part of SoHondaGarage in September 2011 was a dream come true since I had always kept up with their builds and had a very similar outlook about Hondas. More so than the common love for Hondas is the friendship that we all share. Sporting the SHG banner also comes the responsibility to do work that is up to SHG standards so with that said I won’t disappoint!

Claudio Civic

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Slimline window visors
OEM JDM Sidemarkers
OEM JDM clear corners
Resprayed Spring 2010
Bosch ICON wipers
OEM Mudguards and lip
SoHonda Garage windshield banner
Spoon Sports carbon fiber duckbill


Cobra Imola 2 fiberglass bucket seat
Buddy Club Super Low Down seat rail
Spoon Sports 360mm steering wheel by Momo Italy
NRG hub/quick release/lock
Spoon duracon shift knob
SHG amber climate control lighting
SHG Cluster needles
SHG amber clock
Alpine CDE-103BT AM/FM/CD/AUX/USB/iPod/Parrot Bluetooth
Foam strips under rear panels
Sony 6 1/2” rear speakers
Broadway 270mm blue tinted convex rear view mirror
OEM Floor mats


D16Z6 1.6 Liter SOHC VTEC
Ebay short ram intake
Ebay header
Chipped ECU
No P/S (Bought it w/out)
No A/C (Bought it w/out)
Spoon N1 axleback exhaust
2” Custom B-Pipe


Function and Form Type 1 coilovers (Front: 10kg/mm, Rear: 6kg/mm)
Blox rear LCAs
Polish front strut bar
Polished rear strut bar
Rebuilt OEM calipers
Blank Brembo rotors
Duralast Gold brake pads
OEM 21mm front sway bar

Wheels + Tires

15×6.5 +40 Konig Heliums
195/50/15 Yokohama S.Drives
Rays anodized black extended lug nuts
15×6.0 +45 99′ Civic Si wheels (spare set)

SHG Motorworks

SHG Motorworks