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Breaking our streak of bad luck in the SHG Motoworks Acura RSX-S

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Success! Our first two wins in the SHG Acura RSX-S!

After nearly 5 years of blood, sweat and tears… not to mention a string of bad luck, it felt good to finally prove what our car could do! This season started out much like the last one. We had the car all put together in the spring for the first race of the season, and then the very first test day… it broke. This time the culprit was the transmission which grenaded itself due to a faulty aftermarket final drive.

We managed to rebuild the transmission just in time for the first race of the season at our home track, Thompson Speedway on July 22-23. Things were looking up… the test day went very smooth and for the first time, we could actually concentrate on car setup instead of fixing it. I would describe what the car was doing, Evan would make a small change and by the end of the day the car felt like it was on rails.

The first day of qualifying and racing did not go so well. Besides dealing with temperatures well over 90, my lap times which would have qualified me P3 were disqualified due to a questionable call of passing under yellow. This meant I would be starting at the back of the 20+ car field for the first race. Because this race acted as a qualifier for the next one, we decided to give the field some room and just shoot for a good lap time, which worked qualifying us P2 for the next day’s race.

With the fastest lap times of the leaders within 1/10’s of each other, we decided to upgrade our tires the next day from Hankooks to the Hoosier R7’s that the rest of the field was running. The difference was remarkable… I was able to move my braking back half a marker with the additional bite the Hoosiers gave and they didn’t fall off nearly as quickly throughout the races as the Hankooks did.

The first race on Saturday turned out to be fairly uneventful. The #73 BMW 328 had qualified P1 and quickly shot ahead at the start, leaving an oval-track Modified between us. The Modified would fly on the straights but was parking it in the corners making it hard to close the gap to catch the #73. Once the Modified got past him after a couple laps, I was able to start catching up but right at that point the BMW’s motor decided to let go. With the next car behind me a half lap behind, it was smooth sailing to the first win for the #96 SHG Acura RSX-S!

The second race of the day, our main competition was Anthony Serra’s #27 BMW, who was back after dropping a valve on Friday. His team had scrambled to replace the head and get his car back together for the last couple races of the weekend. He had climbed up to P2 in the first race of the day, so was starting on my outside for the race. After I had a mis-shift at the green flag, he managed to pull ahead (obviously my starts need some work) however his lead didn’t last long. The next lap around, he took himself out in Turn 1 giving me back the lead. Once again all I had to do was keep my pace and stay clean, giving us win 2 of the weekend!

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