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John’s Civic Si Hatchback

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another Top-5, and this one is super clean. John’s Civic Si has always been one that I spend extra time looking at when I get the chance. This car is LOADED with lots of special goodies and details all of which have taken me quite a few times to spot. John has always been a fan of the uncommon and it really shows in his careful selection of parts, CL1 EuroR wheels, euro EG6 tailgate and front number-plate appliqué just to name a few. The color is perhaps the most obvious feature that draws your eye in for a closer look. I have NOT boosted the saturation on these pictures, this car is just knock-your-socks-off BRIGHT! John’s hatchback is really special and is a forever evolving work in progress. John never stops changing or updating it and treats this car like just another part of his beautiful family. Enjoy!

SHG Motorworks

SHG Motorworks