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How To: Reset Your SRS Light

Posted in Interior by Evan Consolazio.

Your SRS Light may trigger and remain illuminated for several reasons. Some of which are:

-Unplugging your gauge cluster

-Unplugging your SRS harness(es) when you remove your seats

-Unplugging any other SRS plugs and turning your ignition on


This article is intended ONLY for resetting your SRS Indicator Light when it is triggered for the reasons listed above. Your SRS Light may indicate a more serious problem that should be evaluated by your local Authorized Honda/Acura Technician. Following is a detailed description for resetting the SRS Light (Note: These photos are from a 2002 Civic Si. The MES plug may be located in a different location on other models. Make sure you know what you are unplugging. There are no contacts inside the port that the MES Plug plugs into.) All you will need to complete this operation is some kind of jumper, whether it be a section of wire, a paper clip, or a purpose made pinned jumper as pictured.


1. Locate MES Plug. It should be located near the driver’s side fuse panel under the dash. The harness is yellow with two wires.


2. Unplug the MES Plug. It should look like this.


3. Insert the jumper into the MES Plug (one end in each contact)


4. Follow this sequence while turning the ignition to “on” (not accessory, not start) This series of shorting/unshorting needs to take place within a 4 second window of the SRS Light going on/off each time.


– Install the jumper while you turn the ignition to on. The SRS Light will illuminate for a few seconds then go off.

– When the SRS Light goes off, remove the jumper. The SRS Light will come back on.

– Install the jumper again. The SRS Light will go off.

-When the SRS Light goes off, remove the jumper. The SRS Light will blink twice.

-Turn the ignition off.

-Start engine as normal. The SRS Light should illuminate for a couple of seconds as normal and then go off.

This may take a few tries to get right. Sometimes it can be difficult to get proper engagement of the jumper which is why I prefer to use a jumper with pins that slide in and out easily. If it doesnt work the first time, give it a few more tries to make sure you have the sequence down. If the light still stays illuminated you have an underlying problem in your SRS system which can be easily diagnosed with a scan tool. Good luck!

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