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How To: Remove Your OEM Seat Belt Buckle

Posted in Interior, Tech by Evan Consolazio.

This is a how to on replacing your SRS pre tensioner/OEM seatbelt buckle with a non SRS unit for use with an aftermarket bucket seat or when using harnesses. Using this how-to will allow you to remove the unit while still keeping the rest of the SRS system functional, and will turn off the seatbelt light on the gauge cluster.

The reason for replacing the stock pretensioner unit is that it cannot be properly and safely mounted on a bucket seat due to the mounting not being the same as our stock seats. Also, the long OEM buckle may extend too high past the bolster of the seat leaving too much room between the belt and driver’s waist.

*Always disconnect your battery before doing any work on the SRS system*

*See our How-To on resetting the SRS light if need be*

*We offer the 2.2ohm resistors needed for this mod in our online store*

An option for a shorter buckle is a driver or passenger side female buckle from a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8. Im not sure what other buckles will work but from what Ive seen no other non SRS Honda female buckles will work with the EP3 male buckle.

Here is the EP3 female buckle vs. the Evo 8 buckle…



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