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Posted in Black, Blog, Civic, EG, exhaust, SHG, Spoon by SHG.
Heres a car that hasn’t really been mentioned in the blog; my personal Civic Si hatchback. Its nothing really special, just a mainly stock EG with the factory D16Z6 SOHC VTEC engine, Buddy Club N+ coilovers and some must have Spoon parts. I will have to post an article about it sometime but for now enjoy a couple of quick pictures that I captured last weekend!
  • Looking good brotha! Can’t wait to see it again in person and hang!

    • Thanks man only 2 weeks from hanging out again!

  • Bryan from massbay

    Its just something about black! looks good on everything. Nice ride though! keep up the good work bro! Shout out: MassBAY!!!!

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